Asked and Answered

Who will be taking the pictures?

Kylene will be taking all of the pictures, while sometimes having a FEMALE assistant aid in the photography process.

What do I bring?

I suggest…

  • Lace, Sheer and Ruffles photograph amazingly well. These items are always good for adding a little extra drama.
  • Sexy heels are a must.
  • False eyelashes will add that little extra touch of drama to your eyes and really make them stand out in the images.
  • Bring skin-colored pasties in case an article is see-through.

What about Hair and Makeup?

I highly suggest having your hair and makeup professionally done. These are such special images and you truly want to look your best. Hair and Makeup are not included with your session, but when you schedule your appointment I will send along a list of our top referrals that we enjoy working with.

What if I’m not comfortable in revealing lingerie?

If you are not comfortable in revealing lingerie, we suggest bring a beautiful silk robe, a beautiful dress, or top that you feel sexy and beautiful in.

Where are shoots held?

Shoots are held at my studio in Ardmore, PA.

When and how can I schedule a session?

You can contact Kylene by phone or by email.  The number to dial is: 610-331-8898.  Her email is:  Or you can fill out the contact sheet.

Why should I have a boudoir shoot done?

You should have a boudoir session done, because every woman deserves to feel and look beautiful, be it for just for her or for that special someone.

All sessions are done in private with a female photographer.

Do you shoot male boudoir?

No, I do not shoot male boudoir at this time.

Are images airbrushed and retouched?

Yes, Kylene will retouch photos all ordered images to remove unwanted blemishes and smooth skin, always making you the most beautiful version of yourself.

Do you offer a digital package?

No, we do not offer a digital package. We feel that tangibly holding printed images are much more powerful.